about_icon_smallAbout Us

The team at New Edge Design have years of experience in website design, development and marketing – and we apply our well-honed skills and deep knowledge of web and other media to advancing your business or organizational objectives. Whether you want to convey cool, classy, serious or fun, we promise eye-catching, user friendly, functionally awesome sites designed to inspire trust and turn visitors into customers, members or polar bears – if that’s your goal.

New York City born and bred, we started out in business with Goldtiming.com, a jewelry site that sells high-end gold watches and jewelry. Using a Volusion platform, we designed a site that reflected the look and feel of a luxury brand and mounted photos and descriptions of over 1,000 products. We used our crack knowledge of search engine optimization to get us to appear on the first page of a Google search for the keyword “gold watches” and others.

We successfully attracted targeted traffic – the people most likely to buy our watches and jewelry – with tactics related to keyword identification and management, meta tags, search engine algorithm monitoring and adjustment and overall site optimization. We so enjoyed building this e-commerce site and seeing it prosper that we decided to share our knowledge and experience with others and put the power of digital to work for them.

Each member of our team of programmers, developers, designers and even coffee makers (we like it strong) is at the top of his game. We’re passionate about staying at the forefront of the latest in digital and print media – and our commitment to all things marketing is what will help keep you ahead of the online pack

Indeed, nothing bothers us more than a sub-optimally performing website. We’re in business to deliver results – contact us today to learn more.