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Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Everyone has a Facebook These Days.. Right?  Let’s face it. Everyone has a Facebook. Most people use it simply for a way to contact family and friends who live far away. It gives a central location to tell everyone about an … Read More

Why Content Strategy is Important

First things first, what is content strategy? Do you know? This term basically refers to your plan on how to create, deliver, and manage (not just interesting) but usable content with a specific goal or goals in mind.   One … Read More

What Is Blogging, Why Do I Need It?

For starters, what is blogging?  Many people ask us this question. For some business owners we speak to,  it’s not truly clear to them what blogging is, how it should be gone about or how it’s used in the marketing … Read More

Growth of Mobile Commerce and Search [Infographics]

Mobile commerce and mobile advertising are great business tools.  Mobile searches are predicted to surpass desktop searches in the foreseeable future with mobile commerce sales increasing by high percentages every year. Below are some of our favorite infographics that clearly … Read More

3 Ways to hit the bulls eye with your marketing

All of your promotional material, from blogs and articles, to advertisements, to social media efforts, must hit where it counts in order to be effective. Keeping the following three items in mind will help you aim your marketing materials where … Read More

8 Tips to Increase Holiday Online Sales in 2012

The holiday season is fast approaching and the ecommerce sector is gearing up for the largest online shopping splurge in history. If your ecommerce store is not yet prepared to fully cash in on this big spend, it’s not too … Read More

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