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How to Use Google’s Disavow Tool to Fix Bad Rankings

Let me tell you a very sad story of spammy SEO gone sour: I own a company that offers historical translation services and we get most of our clients via Google… or at least we used to. About a 18 … Read More

How Product Descriptions Can be Fatal to SEO

What do the product descriptions on your website have in common with venomous spiders? Both are potentially fatal! I’m sure you’re careful to watch for 8-legged critters when on the trail (or if you’re from spider-infested Australia like me, when … Read More

How to Optimize an Ecommerce Site for SEO

Search engines love content, but sites set up to sell products are often low on content. That hurts them with Google algorithms. It is an unfortunate fact; the best website in the world will sit unseen by consumers without proper … Read More

What Every Business Should Know About Local Search

One of the top trends in web marketing today is local search. The days of ranking well for a keyword everywhere from New York to New Zealand just because you did your SEO homework are over. Google now knows where … Read More

Google’s Knowledge Graph Causes Significant Spike In Search Engine Traffic

Google’s Knowledge Graph took many regular users by surprise, but new traffic statistics show that Google’s user base seems to approve of the new feature. The Knowledge Graph displays basic information about people and places alongside their search results, providing … Read More

Web Marketing 2012: Are You Going Gaga?

Are you feeling totally overwhelmed by the rapidly changing trends and channels of web marketing? You’re definitely not alone!
Anyone who wears a web marketing hat, feels this way at times, even marketing professionals. Read More

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