Importance of Local Search and Mobile Marketing [Infographics]

In continuation of Naomi’s recent post about local search marketing, I would like to emphasize the importance of local search and its relation to the ever-growing use of mobile devices.

According to Localeze, local results are the most relevant search results, and are therefore the most trusted by consumers.  Today’s necessity for fast and on-the-go information has led to our dependency on mobile devices to help search for information and even make purchases via our smartphone or tablet device.

Local Search Study

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The popularity of local search marketing has created a high demand for websites that are mobile-friendly. Also, thousands of apps were created that help mobile users shop and search efficiently, browse for local businesses, and provide reviews and rating scores of businesses. Now is the time for local businesses to build their reputation and provide a positive experience for their customers. Along these lines, it is beneficial for businesses to engage with their customers socially as much as possible.

Flowtown’s infographic below likes to call this growing trend “New World Marketing”

New World Marketing

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How quickly is mobile commerce growing? Is now really the time to start putting more focus into mobile marketing and the growing trend of mobile commerce? Let’s see what Bigcommerce’s infographic has to say:

Will M-commerce overtake E-commerce?

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