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1Josh Kotlar Partner

The business that would one day evolve into New Edge Design began close to a decade ago with a handful of ecommerce sites growing under the skillful management of Josh Kotlar. A multi-faceted individual with a range of talents and a strong dose of common sense, Josh’s leadership skills have matched pace with the growth of his business. As CEO, it’s his day-to-day decisions, guided by over ten years of hands-on experience in the industry, which have catalyzed a palpable, nearly-daily growth of the company.

Never stagnant, Josh can turn his hand to programming, design, marketing, management, and strategy – always getting the job done efficiently and well.  When time or information is lacking, Josh fills in with a keen business instinct and an intuitive, accurate feeling for risk. From his decade of experience building ecommerce sites from the ground up, from dealing with customers from across the spectrum and workers of every capability, he’s become a master of turning an ecommerce site into a profit-generating business.

Josh’s technical and practical knowledge, business instinct, confidence borne of years of success, and sense of humor (even when things don’t go as smoothly as planned) have earned him the respect and trust of the entire New Edge Design team.

6Bobby Rosenberg Adviser

Bobby Rosenberg has more than 3 decades of corporate management, business development and marketing experience in the high-tech industry, ranging from mobile payment and security to digital books and multimedia. A software developer with over 10 years of experience creating
manufacturing and financial systems for U.S. industry – including General Cable, Home Insurance, Chase Manhattan and Merrill Lynch, Bobby currently functions as CEO of Digital Footsteps, an internet company developing a next-generation mobile tourism and advertising platform for the travel industry. 

In the past, he’s worked as Vice President of IDT Global Animation Studio, in which he functioned to oversee operations of animation studios worldwide. He was also Vice President of Production at Versaware, where he established a software development and multimedia/e-Book production facility in India. He’s the Co-founder and Managing Director of Imagine Yourself, US based digital imaging software company.

3Yuval Wirzberger VP of Development/Sales

As NED’s Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Development, Yuval makes the simple and the impossible not only work, but work well. A strong driver with an eclectic background and broad experience, Yuval knows how to fuse creativity with the real constraints of projects. 

About Yuval, it’s been said “you dream it up – and he’ll make it happen. “ That’s because Yuval draws on a seemingly infinite well of knowledge and experience he’s gained from his multi-faceted career and education. Then he puts his practical skills to the fore to “make it work.” 

From a stint with HBO, to a productive career as a computer programmer, to a leadership role as the head of Business Development, IT, and Web Project Management, to a hard-earned MBA, Yuval Wirzberger could certainly be classified as an internet renaissance man.

His strategic marketing and business development skills, intelligence, and sharp eye for web and online media, make Yuval one of the truly critical components of the New Edge Design team.

4Azriel Lider Senior SEO Specialist

Azriel is a SEO, SEM and affiliate marketing professional. Fluent in over twelve programming languages, he draws on his Web Development knowledge to solve technical issues and communicate effectively with IT departments. His background in psychology helps him communicate with customers, conveying complex technical terms in clear, straightforward language.

Azriel’s holistic worldview is entirely in sync with that of Google’s goal of providing clean, informative internet content for its users. He’s made it a professional policy to underplay technical tricks like keyword loading, in favor of good, clean SEO techniques. For that reason, new releases of Google’s algorithm don’t present any threat to his previous work, and aren’t likely to damage his work in the future.

With over five years of experience working in leading U.S. and International firms, Azriel has mastered SEO techniques as they apply to various locales. His specialty is the comprehensive audit, in which he analyzes websites from A to Z, to build workable, long-term plans to substantially increase revenue. Results speak for themselves, as Azriel has achieved an impressive amount of quality leads and targeted traffic for several dozen websites.

5Shai Atanelov Executive Account Manager

Shai brings almost 10 years of experience in ecommerce and online marketing to New Edge Design. He has extensive knowledge of website development and optimization, Internet marketing and expanding ecommerce sales channels, including developing successful Ebay, Amazon and comparison-shopping engines. With that expertise, he has helped countless clients grow their online businesses, and increase their online presence.

Prior to joining New Edge, Shai worked in tandem with leading worldwide mobile phone manufacturers, after which he went on to launch his own mobile phone company, creating one of the first websites to target the unlocked cell phone market.  Shai succeeded in branding his company as a leader by successfully implementing customer retention programs, effectively utilizing online review tools, and building brand awareness through YouTube and other principal channels.

In 2006, Shai released his first ebook on successful internet marketing procedures. In 2009, he consulted for a leading computer peripheral manufacturer based in the UK where he helped spearhead strategic partnerships with the United States. 

7Yossi Gorin Graphic Artist

A web designer with expertise in branding, Yossi has the rare ability to quickly grasp the brand and conceptual framework around which to build a site. With masterful control of his creativity, Yossi rapidly translates those intangibles into the infinitesimal details of color, typography, proportion, and space that make for an effective website.

“I’m a big believer in the value of content and purpose in a design,” Yossi says. “A successful design starts with a foundation of clearly defined goals.”

Although a cookie-cutter design template will give a site quick functionality, there are light years of difference between such a website and a site that comes through a professional designer like Yossi. Clients come to us with ideas about how they’d like their site to look. What they come back with is a tangible expression of those ideas. We know Yossi’s work has earned us yet another satisfied customer when we hear a client say ‘Yes. That’s it. That’s exactly what I meant.’  

And that's why, when we're mentally ticking off what it is that separates New Edge Design from all the other design firms out there, we can point to Yossi Goren and say “our Creative Director”.

8Naomi Elbinger Content Marketing Manager

Naomi grew up in Sydney, Australia, holds a BA in Communications, and has 11 years of experience as a professional writer and marketer. She started her career in journalism at The Jerusalem Post, before moving into the field of marketing writing and resource development for non-profits, writing materials that helped raise over $600,000.

Her passion for web content and marketing grew as Director of Marketing for MavenMall, a modest fashion and lifestyle magazine. She writes a popular business and marketing blog, MyParnasa.com, and runs a boutique online translation business specializing in handwritten historical texts. Naomi is the author of the popular ebook "How to Make Money Writing for the Web." 

Her blog posts are known to be informative, interesting, and engaging, and her activity on social media outlets like LinkedIn brings benefit to large numbers.