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Most people have no clue about what programming with ASP.NET, PHP or CSS and HTML has to do with their websites. The good news is you don’t need to – because the development professionals at NED live and breathe this stuff. Working closely with our front-end design team, our programmers employ web programming best practices to deliver high performance sites that are usable, scalable, compatible, SEO-optimized, and profitable.

Usable means easy to use, intuitive, engaging. A scalable site can evolve as your business does without reinventing the wheel and incurring unnecessary expense. If it’s compatible, your site will work in different browsers and mobile platforms. SEO optimized means we program to achieve high search engine rankings – and do. We also pay special attention to lead gen and conversions. And the sum total of it all is a profitable site.

Out-of-the-box is adequate for many clients’ needs. But when custom programming is necessary to achieve specific business objectives, our versatile programmers can develop a solution tailored to the most complex business logic if that’s what it takes. Count on us to deliver massive projects on time, tested and ready to deploy.

Volusion Shopping Cart Development

Volusion Shopping Cart DevelopmentNED develops custom Volusion shopping carts that will have your customers coming back for more of what you’re selling. Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish on your new or existing e-commerce site – give us your wish list. We’ll unleash the power of Volusion and our Volusion-fluent team to deliver enhancements and integrate third-party software with Volusion’s powerful application programming interfaces (APIs). Whether you want to improve the performance of your existing Volusion cart or migrate from another e-commerce platform, we’ll advise you on how to proceed and execute flawlessly so the cash keeps flowing.

WordPress Custom Theme Development

WordPress calls its platform “infinitely extensible,” which is an exciting concept for web developers like us. WordPress is the go-to platform for clients who want beautiful websites they can manage themselves. With hundreds of themes to choose from, easy-to-use content management features, plugins for doing almost anything you can imagine, and mobile blogging capabilities, we agree that WordPress is “priceless” – second only to NED’s WordPress capabilities.

We can customize or update a WordPress site, edit plugins or create new ones, and add e-commerce functionality. We are fluent in WordPress APIs (application programming interfaces). And while WordPress templates and SEO capabilities are robust, if you want more in this area or others, we can deliver. We’ve custom designed hundreds of WordPress sites and are keen to get started on yours.

Have something else in mind?

Have something else in mind?At NED, we’re nothing if not versatile. In addition to developing custom Web sites, we can design a site with a content management system or something more basic like updating or maintaining your existing site. We also work on the following platforms:

  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Joomla
  • Buddy Press
  • Kentico
  • Oscommerce

Featured Project

O.K. Uniform Company

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO: #1 Google Rankings
This 73-year-old Manhattan company needed a new look that would convey the professionalism of the uniforms they supply. We came to the rescue with a completely redesigned website, featuring their new logo. We also implemented a targeted SEO campaign that put OK Uniforms in the #1 slot on Google for key search terms, such as "Uniforms New York." This has led to a huge increase in web traffic and customers visiting their brick-and-mortar store. That sounds better than "OK," right?
"I feel secure with the New Edge Design team because I know they take care of our company." - Avi,
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